SESCAL Cachets and Labels

From the collection of Carl Shaff


Exhibit explores the collection of SESCAL show cachets and labels, starting with the 1935 Camel Mail

Camel Express

November 4, 1935 saw an improbable procession of three camels plodding south along the old road on the crest of what is now Interstate 5 near Lebec, traveling from Fort Tejon to Los Angeles. Over a distance of 80 miles through the Santa Clarity Valley and the Cahuenga Pass (although driven part way by truck, it was rumored), they carried some 7000 pieces of mail to Los Angeles.

The “Camel Express” was organized by the Philatelic Club to commemorate a brief experiment in the use of these animals as part of the Butterfield Overland Mail Line in the 1860’s. The officiating Postmasters at each end of the run were both members of the Club. Special labels with the legend “Revival of the Camel Express” were printed by the Club and were available in orange, lilac or green. They were “tied” to the covers by a Camel Express November 4, 1935 date stamp next to the two-cent US postage stamp cancelled Los Angeles Nov. 5. Proceeds from the cover sales of 50 cents or 3/$1.00 went to the Club and to the newly reorganized Philatelic Library.

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