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New PSLA Meeting Location

Starting Tuesday April 10, 2018 we will meet at the Gardena Valley Baptist Church, 1630 W158th Street, Gardena, CA 90247. Join us for an evening of philatelic fun and sharing at our new convenient location between the 405 and 110 highways.  Free parking and many restaurants nearby. Details: New PSLA Meeting Location.

PSLA Annual Meeting

The next PSLA meeting (Tuesday September 27) is the annual business meeting.  Nominations for the officers for 2017-18 are complete and voting will take place at the meeting.  You must be present to vote, and write-ins are not permitted.  The treasurer will present an annual finance report.  We will have a discussion about SESCAL (don’t […]

PSLA Elections – 2016-2018

In-person nominations for officers of the Philatelic Society of Los Angeles will take place during the first September meeting (September 13).  You may nominate yourself or others, and the nominee must agree to run and fulfill the duties of the office. The officers for nomination are: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Director(s).  The term of […]

Auction at July 12 Meeting

The Tuesday July 12 PSLA meeting will feature the silent auction of the Vice Collection.  Organized into over 100 country packets, Suzanne will offer her father’s collection to PSLA members.  An example is the Manchuko #13 (Cat Value $3) shown. Ms. Vice will be attending this special PSLA event as witness to the transition of […]

Errors, Varieties, Freaks, and Oddities ...

The April 26, 2016 meeting of the Philatelic Society of Los Angeles will feature the APS slide show: Errors, Varieties, Freaks, and Oddities on U.S. Stamps by Clyde Jennings of Jacksonville, Florida.  Mr. Jennings received the Luff Award of the APS in 1989 for his exceptional contributions to philately.  A life member of the APS, […]